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Centre for Qualitative Research is a consultancy firm that helps to achieve Sustainable Development Goals by providing expert technical support with in-depth exploration and solutions.

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Our experienced team creates tailored solutions to help your business succeed. Trust us for professional and exceptional work.

Qualitative Research

Amplify Your Vision, Empower Your Success: Discover Endless Possibilities with CQR - Where Human-Centered Research Meets Your Needs

Centre for Qualitative Research is here to support your ideas or needs. The most important component of CQR is the human who accompanies it. At CQR, our teams know Research. We know People too. We listen to your needs and help you match our research solutions to your objectives and within your budget.

Mixed-Method Research

At Centre for Qualitative Research, we offer a range of mixed-method research services to help our clients gain a comprehensive understanding of social issues and phenomena. Our team of experienced researchers is skilled in a variety of research methods, including both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Market Research

We have a tool kit comprising desk research, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, self-completion questionnaires, focus groups, and observation. We employ special techniques for selecting samples and analyzing the data. Managers always make decisions based on their experience, the facts……

Uncovering insights tailored to you. Our comprehensive toolkit includes desk research, interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, and observation.

CQR: Empowering managers with actionable insights. Trust our expertise for success.

Recent Activities

We keep our clients, friends, and colleagues updated on our progress and achievements to foster transparency and communication. Sharing updates strengthens relationships and inspires excellence. Connecting and collaborating with those who matter most is important to us.

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Ongoing Events and Programs:

An exciting lineup of diverse experiences awaits! From thought-provoking discussions to captivating performances and interactive workshops, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on these enriching opportunities to connect, learn, and be inspired.

Training on Qualitative Reserch

Enhance research skills with our Qualitative Research Training. Learn methodologies, data collection, analysis, interviews, focus groups, and case studies for valuable insights.

Training on KoBo ToolBox

This training aims to equip participants with the necessary skills to develop, implement, and manage mobile data collection platforms using KoBoToolbox.


Muhammad Mahbubul Islam Bhuiyan


We are primarily a hub for qualitative researchers in Bangladesh. Our passion and commitment to helping researchers maximize the value of their studies. Through qualitative research, we can get the best insights into our problems and can solve those with confidence. Our vision is to gain or uphold quality life through qualitative research.

Shaila Parveen

Co - Founder

We are looking forward to expand our engagement and network with the International Development Organizations, Research Organizations, Universities and also with the individuals. We are ready to work together to create an exciting and enriching research enterprise that benefit the human race holistically.

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