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Training workshop

Qualitative Research Methodology

Understand qualitative research tools and its application.


Upon completion of this course, participants are expected to obtain a basic understanding of qualitative research methods by realizing its importance and relevance to the field of research. It is anticipated that participants would learn to prepare a research concept note by using qualitative research methods.

  • Understand epistemologies as they relate to qualitative research and when to use qualitative methodology
  • Critically evaluate different theoretical and methodological approaches to qualitative research
  • Apply qualitative research methods through undertaking data collection through, e.g. focus group, interviews, observational methods
  • Appreciate cultural and ethical considerations for qualitative research in Public Health
  • Understand sampling techniques, bias and rigour as they apply to qualitative research
  • Apply coding and analysis techniques to qualitative data

Course fee: 7,000 TK (Reguler price)

50% Discount price: 3,500 TK (All inclusive)

(Includes training materials, tea, snacks, and lunch)

Application deadline: 03 January 2024

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