Training on Safeguarding Basic

This Training course will build knowledge of staff on safeguarding in the humanitarian, development, corporate and RMG sector. It will look at a various range of safeguarding issues affecting the vulnerable groups and need to build staff capacity building and ensure enabling environment in workplace.  Anyone who works with children or adult is required to have knowledge of how to safeguard protect them. This training course is appropriate for anybody who fits these criteria and is mandatory to take training as part of their role. 


Participants able to:
  • Narrate the meaning of safeguarding’ and why it is important
  • Identify the difference between safeguarding and child protection. 
  • Explain different types of abuse, exploitation, neglect, and violence
  • Identify the appropriate policy procedure and practice to create safe environment in workplace
  • Explain the safeguarding reporting and responding system
Benefit of joining:

Development Organization, Corporate office, Educational Institutes, Ready Made Garments factories and corporate outlet maintain their market position through continuous organizational development.  trained on safeguarding, employees at all levels will have improved skills to realize their specific roles in respects to safeguarding. Handling safeguarding issues effectively. protect each other through prevention, protection, reporting, and responding mechanism. It is also requirement of development Donor for future funding.

Training Module:

  1. Meaning of safeguarding, why safeguarding training is important,
  2. Person’s responsibilities regarding SG
  3. SG Terminology – bullying, neglect, abuse – domestic abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and emotional abuse
  4. Legal framework – Declaration of Human Rights, CEDAW, UN CRC, safeguarding policy, Antiharassment Policy, The Prevention of Cruelty against Women and Children Act 2000, National child policy 2011, Children Act 2013, Child Marriage Restraint act 2017, (16) Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions (5) Gender Equality, (10) Reduced Inequality
  5. Child sexual exploitation, bullying and cyberbullying, sexual harassment and vulnerability of older age people Gender based Violence
  6. How to create an organization where enabling environment is exist
  7. Establish reporting and responding mechanism
  8. Personal Commitment for contributing safe workplace

Who will attend:

The course is aimed at anyone working in the Corporate, Educational institutes, RMG sectors Humanitarian and Development sectors, but is applicable to all working in organizations where safeguarding issues are a concern.

  • Government Officials
  • Development professional (NGOs, INGOs)
  • Donors & Embassies
  • Corporate professional
  • Banking Professional
  • Humanitarian sector professional
  • Manager of RMG sector
  • Manager of corporate outlet
  • Representatives of Educational institutes
  • Research Organization
Key benefits of safeguarding training:
  • Fulfill the Development Donor’s requirement
  • Establish Safe Work Setting
  • Achieve active and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Increase productivity
  • Promote organizational Banding
Expected outcome:
  • Improved employee motivation and reduce drop out
  • Improved staff relations and cooperation
  • Improved output and proficiency
  • Create Helpful and supportive work environment
  • Build awareness of safeguarding among the whole staff
  • Establish of reporting and responding mechanism


Lecture, power point presentation, Group work, Document review, Panel Discussion, Visual presentation, Case study, Meditation and memory review

  • Color poster papers, Markers, Flip sheet, masking tape, VIPP card, signature pen

About the Trainer

Nurul Haque

Safeguarding Specialist

Key focus/Specialization:

I have specialization in Safeguarding Policy Analysis and Evaluation, Project Management and Coordination, Qualitative research Report, Training management, Publication and material development, Liaison and networking with GoB line department, partnership Management, program monitoring, Advocacy Campaign, Staff Capacity buildin, Budget management and analytical report writing

Hasina Ferdows

Safeguarding Specialist

Professional profiles:

I have 25 years plus of progressive professional experience in the area of community driven development with advanced expertise in developing work experiences to work with multi diversified vulnerable groups focus on gender & social Inclusion, working children’s educational program, community legal aid services and inclusion, child rights & protection and human rights and social accountability. Long experiences created value to believe on human potentialities & capacities for establishing equitable social justice

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