Our Journey

Centre for Qualitative Research (CQR) is a Dhaka based research firm offers full range of qualitative research services and providing a range of integrated, innovative and high-quality consulting services across several sectors and practices. It is primarily a hub for qualitative researcher in Bangladesh and also supports quantitative research where mixed method research applied.

A trusted partner to its clients, CQR draws together a team of anthropologist, economists, sociologists, statistician, public sector experts, educationists, physicians, public health experts, urban planners, environmentalists, project managers and program managers — all dedicated to finding clear solutions to complex world problems. Since April 2016, CQR started its journey as an independent research organization. With full time staff and it has over 30 empaneled consultants.

The researchers are experienced with different development sectors and hold roughly two decade of experience in their field. With an extremely enthusiastic team of researchers and field workers, CQR has the right potential and aptitude to handle versatile as well as large scale projects.

CQR provides research services for national and international development partners, research organizations, companies and business organizations. It explores peoples’ knowledge, attitude, practices, beliefs, experiences, behaviors, interactions, perceptions, feelings and motivations through different tools and techniques of research methodologies. We do research and find the solutions by using Holistic (Emic and Etic) approach.