Training on Qualitative Research

Enhance research skills with our Qualitative Research Training. Learn methodologies, data collection, analysis, interviews, focus groups, and case studies for valuable insights.

Training on Qualitative Research

Training on Proposal Writing

Unlock funding with our NGO Proposal Writing Training. Learn to craft compelling proposals, tackle problem identification, design projects, budget effectively, and engage donors.

Training on Report Writing

Several professionals, even at mid-level, are more likely to lack skills in report writing. This is a standard limitation among many of us. CQR, in such context, offers 3-day long training on…

Software Training

Learning software for qualitative data analysis is very important in the research field. So we teach you popular analysis software like KoboToolbox, ODK, ATLAS.ti and NVivo. So click on apply now to join us for training

Training on Safeguarding

This Training course will build knowledge of the staff on safeguarding in the humanitarian, development, corporate and RMG sectors.


Develop your skills with courses taught by industry experts. CQR offers a range of training courses required for the conduction of qualitative studies and more.