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CQR Safeguarding Policy

Putting Safety at the Heart of Everything We Do with CQR’s Safeguarding Policy

About CQR Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding is the obligation that an organization has to ensure their employees, consultant, partners, vendors, operations and programs do no harm to children, young people or vulnerable adults that they do not expose them to the risk of discrimination, neglect, exploitation, harm and abuse and that any concerns the organization has about the safety of vulnerable people within the communities in which they work, are dealt with and reported to the appropriate authorities

Scope of the Policy

The Policy is applicable to all staff, directors, advisors, consultants, fellows, interns and all other persons who have contractual relationships with CQR and are appointed to CQR office, its unit offices, projects offices and partner organizations.

CQR Safeguarding Policy Orientation

Training on Safeguarding


This Training course will build knowledge of staff on safeguarding in the humanitarian, development, corporate and RMG sector. It will look at a various range of safeguarding issues affecting the vulnerable groups and need to build staff capacity building and ensure enabling environment in workplace.  Anyone who works with children or adult is required to have knowledge of how to safeguard protect them. This training course is appropriate for anybody who fits these criteria and is mandatory to take training as part of their role. 

CQR Safeguarding


  • Narrate the meaning of safeguarding’ and why it is important
  • Identify the difference between safeguarding and child protection. 
  • Explain different types of abuse, exploitation, neglect, and violence
  • Identify the appropriate policy procedure and practice to create safe environment in workplace
  • Explain the safeguarding reporting and responding system

Development Organization, Corporate office, Educational Institutes, Ready Made Garments factories and corporate outlet maintain their market position through continuous organizational development.  trained on safeguarding, employees at all levels will have improved skills to realize their specific roles in respects to safeguarding. Handling safeguarding issues effectively. protect each other through prevention, protection, reporting, and responding mechanism. It is also requirement of development Donor for future funding.


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