CQR will help the students to advance themselves in career building and future life goals through Student Ambassadors.

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CQR is a platform for collaborations among researchers and practitioners, including policymakers, to enhance the life chances of diverse young people, their families, and communities.

The importance of extracurricular activities is growing day by day, and it is now essential for students to become more active and involved in extracurricular activities. Pursuing internships and interacting with research organizations, development partners, NGOs or i-NGOs, business organizations, financial organizations, industries, and companies has become significant.

But students should know where to start and whom to discuss. We are here for you, and the student ambassador will get practical exposure to learn and grow.

Our student ambassadors act as the connection between the university they are studying in and us. They are the primary and direct contact with the CQR and are the voice of the CQR on their campus. They also tend to possess leadership qualities, taking the initiative and charge on their campuses.

CQR Student ambassador programs provide informal positions to students where the student is not working from the office and are purely assigned the task of spreading the word of the company on their respective campus.


  • CQR will develop your soft skills. You will gain skills like team management, event organization, public speaking, social media content writing, promotion, etc.
  • We will provide the students with a glimpse of the corporate world, and you will learn about the working of organizations.
  • We will train you, and you will learn different research methodologies -Qualitative, Quantitative, and Program Evaluation, according to your subjects.
  • You will get short-term opportunities to work with CQR. Those will be paid work.
  • You are more likely to get a paid internship at our organization after graduation. CQR interns will be able to work as CQR staff in the future.
  • Being a student ambassador, you will get special access to events, conferences (Offline or online), etc., organized by CQR.
  • Being a CQR-SA, you will get the opportunity to connect with like-minded students across various campuses.
  • You can add experiences to your resume and get ahead of others
  • Will you get the certificate from CQR for your involvement as a CQR-SA

The benefits and recognition of being a Student Ambassador are more comprehensive than the abovementioned list. There are a lot of other benefits of being a student ambassador, which you can unlock once you enroll.


  • Spread awareness on health, equity, climate change, extremism, etc.
  • Organize events – seminars and workshops for their fellow students on different development topics and research
  • Collect data from their campus students and faculties. Collect valuable feedback from the students.
  • Develop campus-specific marketing and outreach programs or campaigns.
  • Youth mentoring – the mentor is a nonparental adult who is not acting formally or professionally, and it must be an older youth rather than a same-age peer. Our mentoring relationship has an emotional connection in which the mentor offers guidance and others forms of support to the young person. This relationship is sustained over some significant period rather than merely transitory.


  • Students from the Institutions where CQR is running their student ambassador program. (You will get the information during the fill-up of the form).
  • Where the CQR-SA program does not exist, we will extend its program to your institute where there is a demand. Write to if you and your friends are interested.
  • This will be a competitive process to be a CQR Student ambassador.
  • Students directly involved in a political party cannot be CQR student ambassadors.
  • Students who are involved with/ work for other organizations, like campus ambassadors/ campus representatives/ student graduates, etc., for XYZ organization cannot be student ambassadors for CQR.
  • Students who do not want to spend a minimum of 2 hours/per week are discouraged from applying.

Join . Learn . Grow

CQR is a platform for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to improve the lives of young people and their communities. Student ambassadors serve as a connection between the university and CQR, promoting the company on their campus. Being a CQR Student Ambassador provides students with opportunities to develop their skills and gain exposure to the corporate world. The student ambassadors spread awareness on important topics, organize events, collect feedback, and mentor youth. Eligible students from participating universities can apply to be a CQR Student Ambassador, with the competitive process requiring a minimum time commitment of 2 hours per week.


Being a CQR Student Ambassador (CQR-SA) offers several benefits such as developing soft skills, gaining insights into the corporate world, learning research methodologies, short-term paid work opportunities, chance for a paid internship, access to events and conferences, connecting with peers, adding experiences to resume, and certificate from CQR. The full list of benefits is more comprehensive, and one can unlock more benefits once enrolled as a CQR-SA.


The duties of a CQR Student Ambassador include spreading awareness on relevant topics such as health, equity, climate change, and extremism, organizing events and workshops for their peers on development and research topics, collecting data and feedback from students and faculty, developing marketing and outreach programs for their campus, and serving as a youth mentor.


Available for students from institutions where CQR runs their student ambassador program and in institutions with demand, with a competitive selection process. Direct involvement in political parties or work for other organizations, such as campus ambassadors, will disqualify students. A minimum of 2 hours per week commitment is required

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